Education Gurus

In life we often turn to people who’ve been there before us for advice: parents who’ve endured the teenage years; long-time married couples, when we’re just starting out; business leaders who’ve seen success and failure. They’ve been through the fire and survived. They’ve climbed the mountains, walked the valleys and come out the other side with depth, maturity and wise counsel.

After meeting with a wise friend last night who has been through it all and now oozes wisdom, it got me wondering ‘Where are the Education Gurus?’ Not those who just have ideas about where education should go or even those who elders who can be found holding onto their jobs despite the difficulties, but real Education Gurus. The wise elders, the ones everyone turns to in a crisis, those that despite the difficulties have a gentle wisdom and warm heart. Why are these education gurus hard to find?

Is it that people are ousted before they have a chance to weather the storms, or because people are afraid to speak out, worried that their wisdom is outdated? But surely that’s whom we want, and need to, hear from? Is this a new role for Ofsted perhaps?

When Ofsted come knocking, wouldn’t you rather stand face-to-face with Yoda, rather than Darth Vader? Indeed, their position of influence and responsibility should require them to be wise, gentle and caring; Education Gurus who look at the bigger picture, beyond the numbers and take time to get to know and build a relationship with those who have been put in their charge.

So where are the Education Gurus? Look around you. Is it a head teacher, faithful class teacher, advisor or even an inspector? Wherever they are, let’s seek them out; sit at their feet and listen. And when you find your ‘Yoda’, don’t keep them to yourself, make them known so that all from government to volunteer can benefit.