Exploring MOOCs

Learning, or as Carl Rogers (1983: 18-19) said “the insatiable curiosity that drives…” has brought me to engage in a new MOOC – ‘What future for education?’


1) To feed my education ‘habit’ – I love to explore learning, discover new ideas, try new ways and have my opinion challenged.

2) I learn in a variety of ways and this MOOC ticks so many of those boxes – experiencing and drawing from the merriment of hangouts, padlets and forums in tandem with analyzing theories and listening to academics. In particular I can touch base with 3 of the 4 orientations to learning mentioned by www.infed.org:

  • Cognitive – space to read, digest & analyse
  • Social – conversing and interacting with others
  • Humanistic – self-motivating, pushing to fulfil my potential

Why then, sitting on my own, iPad in hand, my 2 kids occasionally popping into view, am I struggling to absorb all these offerings? Perhaps there’s a missing theory, a fifth orientation to learning, that hasn’t been considered? The Procrastinistic model – prescribing a learning process of ‘looking to the future’, with a purpose of ‘delaying the inevitable’!

So, to avoid getting stuck there, through fear or distraction, taking bite-sized chunks, engages me in each aspect when I’m ready, while still looking ahead at the view – the future for education and whether the status quo is the best way to empower children for a successful life and a love of learning?