Reading like a child

Like a child attempting a text full of unknown words is how I feel sitting down to complete each week’s required reading. On the one hand I’m excited to be presented with new ideas and the chance to learn so much about a subject I love, but on the other it brings discomfort, empathy with a child who is learning to read.

Delving into each required reading, with it’s ‘long’ words and grand ideas, I understand the depth of motivation a child needs in order to be successful in reading a text. It would be easy to give up, to gloss over the bits I don’t understand at first, but I know that I want more than an overall impression of what the text is explaining; I want to climb inside it, like a good book and visualize what is presented to me. I want to be successful and understand the words I’m reading.

Is desire the key to success here? Do children (or adults for that matter) only become successful readers if they have the desire to do so?

This week’s required reading is entitled: Codes, pedagogy and knowledge: Advances in Bernsteinian sociology of education (Hoadley, U & Muller, J.)so here we go!