My story

IMG_0036Born into a fun-loving family, where creativity and resourcefulness went hand-in-hand, I was a very happy child. From a young age I played schools and took my ‘class’ everywhere I went, yet it wasn’t until 6th form that I realised this could be a career!

As a Primary School Teacher, working in a variety of schools across Devon and Dorset, I loved engaging with children, bringing their imaginations and senses to life. Following this I dipped my toe in to the business world, picking up skills along the way, until, in 2006 my husband and I set off (with our 2 small children) on an adventure around Europe…

Campervan packed and maps purchased, our 4 year journey took us to some of the most beautiful and desolate places in Europe. One of my greatest joys on this journey was home-educating my children – exploring, investigating, recording, playing, performing and engaging with those we met on the way.

Having had my eyes opened to a new way of educating, where children were valued for their ideas and input and where their endeavours could impact on those around them, my journey of exploring education truly began.

Having returned to the UK 4 years ago, refreshed my teaching skills back in the classroom, I’m now travelling down 2 parallel paths:

  1. 3 days a week I am studying for a Masters in Social Justice & Education at the Institute of Education, London – a key step in my journey to exploring the purpose and impact of education.

  2. 2 days a week I run an Alternative Education provision for teenagers who struggle to engage with school – a pilot project, this keeps my feet on the ground as I try to help these students to be successful in the current school environment, and in life.

As an external processor, this blog is one way to verbalise my journey, expressing the high and low markers along the way.

Thanks for joining me in my exploration of education – I’d love to know your thoughts.

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